Weekly Round-Up

Hi Everyone,

This is just going to be a quick weekly round up of the videos posted last week, a handy place to come and see what you missed and maybe find something new while you’re here.

This blog is fairly new so bare with us as we increase the content available.

Also please feel free to comment and if you have anything you want to see or any questions you’d like to ask then please get in touch and we will answer!

Monday 13th July

We had another Playmobil Blind bag to open this day! We LOVE the Playmobil Figures series. We have managed to collect quite a few of both the boys and girls characters across the various series’!

Anyway we will always enjoy opening these and will try to collect them all.

Thursday 16th July

We really love customising and we are always looking for new things to change and ideas. This time we found a Dragon called Monstrous Nightmare from How to Train Your Dragon. Why not watch to see how it turns out!

Friday 17th July

This is part two of customising the Monstrous Nightmare character from How To Train Your Dragon. I think it looking pretty good so far!

I hope you enjoyed the videos from our Youtube Channel last week and we’ll have more coming this week so keep watching, commenting and subscribing!


Thank you!

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