Top 5 CBeebies shows in 2018!

Hi Guys! 

Today I thought we’d talk about our favourite kids channel, CBeebies on the BBC. 


CBeebies is a channel from the UK and some of our favourite shows are on there. Because the channel has been around for so long there are 100s of shows, some are really famous (like The Teletubbies!) some are newer and less heard of, but still great. 

So it’s 2018 now and we want to tell you what our 5 favourite CBeebies shows are!

1. Numberblocks

We love The Numberblocks! These friendly blocks teach us how to count and do maths too and they sing some really cool songs.  My favourite is Number 7 who is multi coloured. 

Check out our making number blocks videos here!

Numberblocks  CBeebies  BBC

2. Bits & Bob

This show is still quite new but we are loving it!  Bits and Bob love to build things and and use science and great ideas to explain how things are made.

Bitz  Bob

3. Go Jetters

If you haven’t seen Go Jetters yet, you must!  This great show teaches you all about Geography with out lovely team. Here is just one of the many videos we have made featuring them!

They also have the coolest songs. 

Go Jetters

4. Biggleton 

On Biggleton little people live in a town and they all have different jobs! We learn about different occupations and what is involved in each job. 


5. Pablo

Pablo is a lovely series about a little boy who has Autism, and how he deals with the world alongside the help of his animated friends.  This is really wonderful for children with or without Autism as it helps us understand the condition better. 



Please let us know what your favourite CBeebies series are! 

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