Tayo The Little Bus (꼬마버스 타요) Wind-up Toy Review

Hi everyone! Recently our 3 year old son has been obsessed with watching a South Korean animation called Tayo the Little Bus (꼬마버스 타요)

Tayo the Little Bus (꼬마버스 타요)
Tayo the Little Bus (꼬마버스 타요)

The Tayo the little bus cartoon is about a group of friendly buses who work in the city and learn lesson about each other and life and how to be safe so it is also quite educational for kids. It is originally recorded in Korean but has been redubbed into English very well.

So we found some wind up Tayo ind up toys which look great! Just like the characters from the TV and he loves playing with them. The wind up mechanism works well and they are quite quick!

Watch out video review on YouTube below and leave a comment if you like!



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Why not watch some Tayo the Little Bus episodes here:


Official Tayo the little bus Youtube:

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