Some Wikkeez Differences We’ve Spotted!!

Hello Everyone,

After collecting both series 1 and series 2 of the Disney Wikkeez characters we found there were some differences with the way they were painted!

This seemed to be between the Wikkeez blind bags we bought here in the U.K. the European ones we bought from Germany.

The initial difference  between the U.K. and German blind bags is the actual blind bag itself.

Disney Wikkeez Blind Bag
Disney Wikkeez Blind Bag from the U.K.

The blind bags from the UK contain two Disney Wikkeez characters and two Disney Wikkeez collector cards which are different to the two figures in the pack.

Disney Wikkeez German
This is a European Wikkeez Blind Bag

The German/European Wikkeez Blind Bag contains only 1 Disney Wikkeez character and a sticker to match the character!

There are also other differences though in the way they are painted as you can see below:

Disney Wikkeez Mushu
Disney Wikkeez Mushu from Mulan. European & U.K. version

As you can see from this image the painting on the 2 versions are quite different the UK Wikkeez on the right has much more detail coloured in! The two other examples are the same to below

Disney Wikkeez Mulan
Disney Wikkeez Mulan from Mulan. European & U.K. version
Disney Wikkeez Mike Wazowski
Disney Wikkeez Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc & Monsters University. European & U.K. version

I thought it was quite interesting but I’m not sure why this is!

Anybody know why please let us know in the comments below or tweet us!

Thanks for reading!

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