Paw Patrol Live 2017 Review of the show!

Hi guys!

I thought I’d tell you about our trip to see Paw Patrol Live a few weeks ago.  We went to see a morning show, and didn’t know what to expect! We saw Race to the Rescue (which also introduces a special pup, but I won’t reveal who it is).  There is also another show called The Great Pirate Adventure.  There is also an opportunity for meet and greets afterwards (we didn’t get to o this however). 

Paw patrol live

So the total show is 75 minutes long with a 15 minute break in the middle, perfect for toilet time or snacks! There were kids from baby age to around 8 at the show that we went to and everyone seemed really happy with it. 

The show can be loud but not too much – you might want to bring headphones or ear defenders for very small babies, if they come alone.  I loved the Paw Patrol animals! The actors sat inside the puppies and from where we were sat they are not that visible which is great as it adds to the realism of the experience for the kids! Also their movements were so intricate and on well reversed – I noticed things like how the pups would move their eyes, noses, heads. 

Ryder was also a great character (although he needed spiker hair!).  I absolutely loved Mayor Goodway, I think she really brought the character to live and my favourite pup on the day was Zuma, who was very energetic and had a great voice – but they were all fab. All of the favourite pups were there are some of the other well known characters too. 

If you are a Paw Patrol fan there’s nothing to dislike about this show! The pups look fantastic as do the supporting cast – there is lost of music and participation and a very special surprise at the end!

Let us know if you saw the show and enjoyed it too!

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